Our Philosophy

These works of art will not only act as center pieces, but also the center of discussion as your guests marvel at the uniqueness of your fruit and/or vegetable presentation. Call (404)702-6468 to get more information and place your order today!

Our Mission

Are you in search of something tasty and gorgeous all at the same time? Check out Tasteful Elegance where you will find an array of beautiful fruit and vegetable carvings suitable for any occasion. Weddings, birthday parties, family or friend gatherings, dinner parties, and many more settings would benefit from such appetizing works of art. We use fresh fruits and/or vegetables to create visually aesthetic and edible pieces..

What once was a simple box of strawberries can be transformed into a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Instead of simply placing watermelon on the table for your guests to eat, allow all their senses to participate by not only tasting succulent watermelon, but also witnessing an elegant carving design

What We Do

Are you looking for a treat that stands out? Dessert takes on a whole new meaning with the stunning creations from Tasteful Elegance.

Using only fresh fruits and vegetables, our carving artist creates the most delectable designs for your special occasions. Make your events, gifts, and dessert tables stand out while being the topic of conversation for years to come with our tasty and elegant works of art.